Advancement of Humanity Effort

Welcome, we are all humans who agree on making changes, we actively promoting societal shift in order to live more harmoniously on our planet and beyond.

about the author
Michel (#MGC)

We form a network of communities and people helping one another on various project that matter for us. Advancement of Humanity Effort is like a big family, where we help one another, we have the ressource to make your dear project a reality !

As a collective we have greater impact to enable change. When we are no longer isolated, we can act in synergy and powerfully rewrite the future. We have partnered with Earth Nation for federating our activities.

We foster creativity and encourage every talent to join forces and contribute in their own way.

Read more about us, and participate in our circle (whatsapp).

[Work In Progress] [version précédente] ~ Handmade with love <3